Arrived in Chennai

Marvin (Austrian dental student) and I left our apartment in Nungambakkam to meet the director of CSI Rainy hospital in Old Washermanpet (North Chennai). We took a tuk-tuk (three-wheeled open taxi) and were descended into Chennai’s madness with the exhilarating ride. Imagine a city the geographic size of Frankfurt a.M. with a population size of New York, no traffic lanes and seemingly no traffic rules.

We arrived at the hospital at 8.30am. We had a suitcase and a big traveling bag with donations and gifts from German dental industry/clinics. At the clinic reception we informed our arrival. As soon as we got to the dental department, there was nobody except few sisters. Half an hour later a dental assistant came and asked us to take a seat in one of the two dental offices and wait for the medical director. She said he will come by 9.30am. In the mean time another physician came and took us for breakfast in the clinic canteen which was in the backyard of the hospital. The canteen was around 12qm small and had 3 tables and 6 benches. We talked about our jobs, politics in Germany and about our purpose of visit.

After 2,5 hours of waiting, finally, the director arrived at the hospital. He didn’t apologize or gave us any excuses for kept us waiting for so long. According to his secretary he was stuck in traffic jam. We had a meeting with him and his secretary. Due to an issue from the Dental council of India in Delhi we couldn’t start the screening or the treatments on Saturday or Sunday and had to wait for Monday (2 more days to go).

We went back to the dental department and started to unpack the donations/gifts we have brought from Germany and Austria. We were happy to enrich the dental offices with new mothmirrors,probes, tweezers, surgical instruments (scalpel, needle holder, dental forceps, surgical suture, etc pp.), composite, wipes, surgical masks, gloves, toothpastes (Elmex & Sensodyne) and toothbrushes.

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