Day 1:

It was Monday the 6th February 2017. The day before we were asked to be ready at 9am and a driver from the CSI Rainy hospital will pick us up to screen students from the CSI Higher Secondary School for the Deaf in Mylapore, Chennai. Marvin and I got ready at 9am to leave the apartment as soon as the driver arrives. Our driver’s attitude towards time fits the stereotypical image of Indian life. He arrived an hour later.

Our vehicle

Again the ride to school was “breathtaking”. Our driver put one hand on the horn and his barefoot on the pedal. When either one of these is pushed, the other is pushed at the same time – this all the time!

When we arrived at the school, we were overwhelmed by the Indian hospitality. One of the most defining characteristics of Indian culture is hospitality. People in India have the highest regard for guests (Indian and foreign guests) and value hospitality. We were served with tea, biscuits and bananas before could start the screening. The school headmaster’s secretary was well prepared with the names of the students that need a check up.

Table with prepared instruments for the screening.

The students came class wise to get their teeth checked. As we had deaf and dump
children, the communication method with them was difficult. Every deaf child was different – with different levels of deafness and their hearing equipments. With sign language we could find out if he/she is having pain. We saw a relatively high prevalence of dental plaque, caries and gingivitis in posterior teeth than in anterior teeth. Happily we didn’t find much problems such as deformities of oral cavities, heavy plaques and infections.

Dental check-up

At 12pm was lunch time.

The dining hall


In the afternoon we spent some time in school.

Boys playing cricket.

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