Day 4:

On our day four we conducted a free dental screening at the CSI Northwick Girls Hostel in Royapuram, Chennai for 110 girls. 

The girls were happy about our visit. The closest dentist is about an hour ride away and the dental care costs are too much for most people to afford on a regular basis. The screening took place in the dining hall. The dining hall was designed to provide a cool and dry place for the children to enjoy their meals. It will also provide a study area for the children between meals.

Talking about preventive dental care

We understood quickly that talking about preventive dental care is important. Teaching how to properly brush and floss their teeth was another big job. I used a plastic set of teeth to show them how to clean every surface of their teeth. For the long term, it’s more important to educate them than it is to actually fix the cavities that they have.

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