Life choices 

Things have always followed my heart and mind: I want to achieve something. I work hard. I worked hard until I achieve what I wanted to achieve. Life was this simple. It has been a formula I have lived by. But it’s true that sometimes things were outside of my control. I have gracefully taken my fails. I said “maybe this wasn’t meant for me”. But why the hell is it acceptable to say that a higher power has intended you this way?!

When things didn’t work or when I couldn’t achieve my goals, it was fate that kept me from pushing or asking “why” when life said no. Fate alone has been my excuse to when situations seem to be out of my control and I don’t want to take responsibility for the change I will make. At the same time I thought, when fate would dictate my life I won’t get anyway!

But why do we replace responsibility with ‘fate’? Why do we stop ourselves from pushing towards our dreams because “it’s not meant to be”? Didn’t this mean that we can only work hard up until a certain point and if that didn’t work we need to give up? This makes me feel a very week element in this universe. We tell each other, we are powerful beyond measures and have the ability to change the world. 

The stars and fate don’t determine everything. There is often a reason for the noes in our lives. But we won’t figure out “why”. In every single situation in life we need to know the difference between knowing to let go after trying every possible solution to work out something and letting go because you don’t want to take responsibility. As a grown-up we want to take responsibility. We want to understand the choices we have when we fail and enjoy the opportunities we have when we succeed.


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