Breaking the rules of beauty 

I can not tell you how often my parents have told me to stay in rule of society. For me there was only a fine line between ‘feminism’ and being empowered to make your own choices. I was locked in the preset rules of society and couldn’t move out of the box. I was lost … More Breaking the rules of beauty 


Life choices 

Things have always followed my heart and mind: I want to achieve something. I work hard. I worked hard until I achieve what I wanted to achieve. Life was this simple. It has been a formula I have lived by. But it’s true that sometimes things were outside of my control. I have gracefully taken … More Life choices 

My dad, my hero!

When I was growing up my dad worked day and night, and on the weekends. He had a strong work ethic. If he wanted something, he set his sights on it and did not stop until his goals were realized. He is a powerful force of energy. He worked hard to move us into a … More My dad, my hero!

Day 6:

It was Saturday, 11th February and we made a visit to the CSI Corley Boys Hostel in Tambaram, Chennai. We screened about 65 boys and had an entertaining evening. Student singing a song Student recites Thirukkural verses  

Day 5:

Today we went to the CSI Girls Hostel, St. Thomas Mount in Chennai. We saw about 70 hostel children. We had the opportunity to have lunch with the girls and spent some valuable time with them in the afternoon.

Day 4:

On our day four we conducted a free dental screening at the CSI Northwick Girls Hostel in Royapuram, Chennai for 110 girls.  The girls were happy about our visit. The closest dentist is about an hour ride away and the dental care costs are too much for most people to afford on a regular basis. … More Day 4:

Day 3:

On our third day we visited the CSI Monahan Girls Hostel in Royapettah, Chennai. This is another hostel for tribal children living in remote areas that have no access to higher level of education which cannot be offered at their hometown. Their parents are also very poor farm laborers. The hostel enables them to have … More Day 3:

Day 2:

Today we visited the CSI Gericke Boys Hostel in Vepery, Chennai. We were welcomed by the hostel warden who is living in a house next to the hostel with his family. The dental check-up for the hostel children was planned before lunch. As soon as the students came back from school, we started the screening. The children … More Day 2:

Day 1:

It was Monday the 6th February 2017. The day before we were asked to be ready at 9am and a driver from the CSI Rainy hospital will pick us up to screen students from the CSI Higher Secondary School for the Deaf in Mylapore, Chennai. Marvin and I got ready at 9am to leave the … More Day 1: