Day 2:

Today we visited the CSI Gericke Boys Hostel in Vepery, Chennai. We were welcomed by the hostel warden who is living in a house next to the hostel with his family. The dental check-up for the hostel children was planned before lunch. As soon as the students came back from school, we started the screening.

The children didn’t have any tables or benches… Not to mention, there were no beds or mattresses to sleep. The students came together and sat on the floor in their dining hall. The warden introduced Marvin and myself as German dental doctors to the children and told them that they are getting a free dental check-up.

Children sitting on the floor in dining hall
Dental check-up
Dental check-up

 After the screening and talking about dental preventive care, Marvin handed out toothpastes to the children.

Toothpaste distribution

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